About Andrew Anderson

Andrew lives by two mottos:

“Never apologize for doing what it takes to get great results”

“You can fail with any tool. It is only when you are trying to succeed that the tool actually matters”

Andrew Anderson has a long history working across the optimization industry. He is currently senior product manager in charge of optimization with ZenBuisness after stops at Malwarebytes, American Addiction Centers, Adobe, Omniture, CNET Networks, and Digital Entertainment News. He’s run thousands of tests and has blown away most people’s thoughts about what the impact of optimization can be. His long time focus is on working with struggling optimization programs to turn them around and to maximize value.

For over 18 years Andrew has built optimization programs, designed tools, done statistical analysis, and educated others on the practical realities of maximizing outcomes. His work has touched almost 350 total online properties and has almost all verticals, from Retail, Medical, Financial, SaaS, Travel and Hospitality to Media. Andrew’s background is in product management, business intelligence, project management, engineering, marketing, and editorial.

Andrew teaches a focus on the value of combining multiple disciplines, and touches on analytics, optimization, marketing, development, psychology, sociology, design, statistics, historical analysis, and user experience. More than anything his goal is to help people understand that testing is about so much more than just running a test and that you have to get out of the traps of the thinking that will always hold you back.

All views expressed are most definitely my own and do not represent my employer or anyone else.

You can reach Andrew directly at antfoodz@gmail.com if you want to discuss any of the thoughts shared in this blog.

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To find out more about my background, check out my LinkedIn profile.


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