Rant – Testing is about the Driver, not the Car

I recently answered a question on the value of testing on Quora and was asked to re-post my response here by a few people I know in the industry.

Question: I’ve been all about A/B testing, but then I just read this post from Erik Severinghaus. Is A/B testing as valuable as we think?

Answer: Like many things in life, the answer is not that simple. Think of it like driving a car, there are good drivers, slow drivers, oblivious drivers, angry drivers, and skill ranges from low to professional. The issue is in the driver, not in the concept of a car.

Testing is much the same way. The reality is that in many organizations (including many that champion testing to death) there is very little value in how they are leveraging testing. There are many cases where testing is actually costing those companies money, because they are not disciplined in how they approach things, they focus on idea validation and do not understand how to act on data, doing things like blindly following statistical confidence. If you look at how he describes testing in that blog post, then this is where those people are at. If MVT is simply a way to throw a bunch of items against a wall and choose a winner, then you know that you are firmly in this realm. In those cases, I would argue that testing is worse then a mouse pad, it is more analogous to a cup holder in a car. It is there, people use it, they get enjoyment out of it, but it has nothing to do with where the car ends up or how fast it gets there.

There are other organizations which look at data differently and who use testing in a different manner, one used to focus and leverage resources and one that is not used for validation or “choosing 2 headlines”. In those situations, there is very little that can be said to describe just how valuable testing is. Testing changes the direction of entire organizations, it proves people wrong, it focuses resources and it allows for the exploration of alternative feasible options and allows you to really know the value of actions, not just argue them. It is a tool whose use is to find out what the most valuable of many different routes are, and then help you drive down those roads providing more and more value at each step. Those scenarios are more analogous to testing being the GPS, describing routes and shorter distances, as well as helping maximize time and fuel.

In both cases, there are ways to automate the process to lower decision time and to increase the efficiency of the test itself. That doesn’t address the real problem however which is if the entire vision of testing is wrong, then it doesn’t matter what system you use to make decisions or how you leverage MVT. It really doesn’t matter what sized drink goes into the cup holder, or how many different drinks can be placed there over time. If you are going down the other thought route, then how fast your GPS updates, what information it uses, and what factors you use to decide routes can have a massive impact on where you end up.


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